Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving Forward

Welcome to Forward In Africa (formerly Office of Foreign Missions); a new ministry site with an established history. The decision was made to change the name of this ministry to more accurately portray the focus and attitude of our vision. Our mission is to provide ministry education to church leaders in Africa where such education is hard to obtain. Click on About the Ministry located at the top of this blog to read a fuller description of this vision. The African Church is moving Forward in the Faith through the benefit of receiving solid historically and Biblically based teaching.

We would like to thank Fr. Francis Wardega for all the hard work he has put into the Office of Foreign Missions.  His labors have left a spiritual legacy across several countries in East Africa. He is the one who laid a solid foundation for this ministry by establishing the relationships, developing the curriculum, and giving ten years of his life to teach and strengthen the leadership of many African Churches.  On his last mission trip this winter, he was joined by Nathan Dunlap, who was grateful to have the benefit of his experience and insights.  Fr. Francis has also worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition of ministry responsibilities onto the next generation of leaders.  We welcome his ongoing advice as we seek to continue this ministry.

Our plan is to travel to East Africa on mission trips at least once a year. Our African brothers have expressed their great interest and desire to obtain further ministry training for the leadership of their churches. There is opportunity for many teachers to be involved in this work. Presently we are working with Bishop Boniface Kwangu of the Diocese of Lake Victoria, Mwanza, Tanzania. There are other bishops who have expressed interest in receiving similar teaching in their regions also.

We would like to encourage more people to join with us in our ministry vision. "The fields are ripe for harvest, but how shall we reap the grain"? One man going alone to preach will not accomplish what is needed. But several of us going to "teach the teachers" will bring about a greater harvest for the Kingdom of God.  Our ministry seeks to enable our African brothers and sisters to more effectively lead people to Jesus Christ.  Our desire is also to strengthen the African Churches in the Historical, Evangelical, and Spirit-led Christian Faith.  Not all of us can go, but all can participate. Let each of us give of ourselves as we are able, in order to see the Kingdom of God move Forward In Africa!

May the peace of Christ be with you.

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