Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Easter Poem

We have journeyed with Christ through this season of Lent, His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Good Friday, the Great Easter Vigil, and the joy of Easter Sunday.  The "gods" of this world have promised much and deceived many, only to lay down and wither away.  There is One however, who laid down His life for the sake of the world, only to rise again on the third day.  It is no withered god we serve, but the Creator and Sustainer of Life itself who brings us Life and Hope.  Let us find joy this Easter season in meditating on the wonderful Resurrection of of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Heed not the Withered Gods

The mummied gods are set in stone
deep in the deserts terrible.
But One was wrapped in faith alone
and lay beneath a lighter spell.

The kingly gods in golden ways
lay down with sceptre and sword,
prepared to sleep a million days.
But One awoke upon a third.

So I, his roused and fortunate,
heed not the withered gods who bless
with silence where their temples wait
long in the moonlight motionless

But journeying in joy instead
from cross to cross, from pain to pain,
I clutch Him in the broken bread,
I taste His wine within the rain.

James E. Warren, Jr.

Our God experienced the cross and tasted of death in order to show us the way to salvation.  We are not saved from the pains and sorrows of this life, but shown how to use them in our journey.  We travel from one pain to another, usually seeking to avoid them, only to find in the end that these pains were the means of our salvation.  When we become broken, we then find true life through the Christ who became broken bread for us.

A rainy day in our culture is often seen as gray and dismal, spoiling our plans of fun.  However, there are other perspectives available.  After a Sunday service at the Holy Spirit Church of Nyakato, Tanzania, while having a special dinner outside for the church members, it began to rain.  The typical American response would have been "Oh no, this is going to mess up our day"!  But Pastor Danson's response was, "Look! The Lord is smiling His blessing upon us"!

I think we have an important lesson to learn here.

May the peace of Christ be with you,
and may you taste His wine in the rains of your life.

Christ is Risen!

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