Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nyakato Bible School

     During Nathan Dunlap's February 2011 trip to Tanzania, he taught at an old Bible School in Nyakato, a  community located on the outskirts of Mwanza.  This Bible School compound is owned by "The Holy Spirit Church of Nyakato", which is also located on the premises, along with five homes.  This school consists of one main classroom attached to several offices and storage rooms, two small dormitories, a dining room and a kitchen.  Due to some former leadership problems, the school was closed 12 years ago and the buildings were not properly maintained.

Recently the local church has been putting effort into cleaning and fixing up the school buildings.  Their vision is to open up this school again for Bible and ministry leadership classes.  Due to limited finances, they are not be able to hire full time teachers.  They will be having local pastors come in to teach for several days at a time.  Despite the need of more renovation work, many of Nathan's students stayed in the men's dorm during his recent teaching trip.  Others rode in from the surrounding communities by public transport each day.

The Holy Spirit Church of Nyakato is also involved in the construction of a new church building to replace the one they are outgrowing.  This past year the church members laid up the block walls and are now saving money to purchase roofing material.  Their pastor, Danson Maganga, was Nathan's translator for each day's classes held on this location.  A future blog will tell you more about this remarkable young man.

May the peace of Christ be with you.

The main class building with offices and storage on the left.

Students visiting during a break with men's dorm in back. 

Dining hall on left with kitchen on right. 

Preparing "ugali", a corn porridge, for the student's lunch. 

 Danson visits with Fr. Francis near two homes on the Compound. 

Some "Evangelist" students ready for class time. 

The current "Holy Spirit Church of Nykato."


The future church building project near the old building. 

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