Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trusting the Holy Spirit


My room at St. Dominic's where I studied and read each evening. 

It is very interesting to see how the Holy Spirit works in out lives to direct us when we put out our trust in Him. For example, I brought some books with me to Tanzania to read for enjoyment each evening to get my mind off the scholastic work. I had with me a book on the life of St. Antony, a 4th century Desert Father. One evening I took notice of a selection from his teachings that gave advice on combating the Devil. St. Antony also explained the principle of how the Devil can deceive people by seeming to be able to prophecy the future.

The very next morning, one of my students, Patrick, had questions about how to discern false prophets, and how it is that sometimes these false prophets are able to prophecy the future accurately. Wow! I sent up a big thank you to the Holy Spirit for having guided me to that particular teaching by St. Antony the night before. I was then able to give Patrick and the rest of the students a good answer to this difficult question.

If you are curious about what the answer was, I suggest you find a copy of The Life of St. Antony and read it.

Another example of how the Holy Spirit helped my in Tanzania was in my sermon preparation for one of the Sunday services. Some of the Scripture readings for Morning Office that day were just the right ones I needed for the subject I would be preaching on. Later I discovered that I had accidently read the wrong scripture readings that morning. But, there are not "accidents" with the Holy Spirit! He knew what Scriptures I needed to read.

May the Peace of Christ be with you.
Nathan Dunlap

Patrick, my brother in Christ, who asked many thoughtful questions. 

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