Thursday, December 1, 2011

Progress Report -- Dec. 2011

Some ministry students in Mwanza

Along the streets of Mwanza

Even though I like to write articles on different aspects of African culture and ministry to give folks something to think about, the main focus of our work is not to write blog articles, but to teach ministry education to church leaders in East Africa.  With being able to visit Africa only once a year, it may not seem like much is happening throughout the year.  However, money is being raised, churches are being visited, and I am in continuing contact with our African brothers planning for not only for the 2012 trip, but also for the years to follow.

I am pleased to inform you of the progress that has been made towards the upcoming 2012 ministry trip to Tanzania.  My plan is to leave home on February 1 and to arrive home on March 8.  I will be teaching in Mwanza for two weeks and then moving on to Geita to teach there for two weeks.  I have been in contact with Bishop Kwangu by phone and with other church leaders by e-mail.  At this point, I have purchased the main airplane ticket for the overseas leg of the journey and am working on the other details of the trip.  This is the first time I am in charge of taking care of all the details, so it is an interesting learning experience for me.

I have four subjects that I plan on teaching:  Introduction to Liturgy as Worship, Sacramental Studies, Introduction to Preaching, and Issues of Christian Ministry in East Africa.  These are classes that Fr. Francis Wardega, my predecessor, had developed for African church leaders.  Last year we were able to teach three other subjects, and I hope to be able to make it through these four this time.  In reality this would be a full load of classes for a semester at a theological school;  I will do the best I can with the two weeks I have at each location.  It will still be tremendous help to the "evangelists" who do not have any other opportunity to study ministry material.  As a reminder to those who may not remember, "evangelist" is the title that Africans use for those men and women in church ministry who are not ordained clergy.

I am very grateful to all who continue to be faithful with their monthly support to this work of teaching the teachers in East Africa.  It is an encouragement to know that others have the same vision as we do of strengthening our African brothers in their work for the Kingdom of God.

Some ministry students in Geita

Main street entering Geita

May the peace of Christ be with you,
Br. Nathan

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