Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trip Anticipation

Dear Friends,

I was sitting at the dinner table thinking of the upcoming trip to Tanzania, when I suddenly realized that I had completely forgotten to prepare the mid-month blog article.  It is probably not of critical importance, but I am trying to be consistent with my communications.  So, this time you are getting an on-the-spot rambling blog post.

This upcoming trip has been on my mind constantly it seems for the past several months.  Even though I have been preparing all along for this, it's interesting how many details I still have to cover before I leave.  It's not just the teaching preparation, but also  realizing that I'll be gone from home for about six weeks.  Oh, this chore, or that errand, or this little project should be done before spring.  Oh!  I'm leaving soon! I better get that done too!

It snowed yesterday and today.  It is a beautiful world out there!  I especially like the snow on the evergreen trees around my Mother's cabin.  For those of you who didn't know, my Mother moved into our guest cabin this past year.  I've been fixing it up to be more comfortable for her, although it still doesn't have running water or an indoor bathroom.  I did move the water pump up onto the porch so she doesn't have to stand in the rain to pump water.  Hot water is heated on the wood stove.  I tell her that the exercise is good for her; she will be healthier and live longer for the work she does for daily life.

My oldest daughter, Anna, was home for the Christmas holiday from college.  She invited as many friends as she could to visit with us, and many did come - including four foreign students.  I must say it was one of the most delightful and memorable Christmas we have had in a long time.  The evening we all danced the Polka around our living room was a night to remember for years to come!

Only two more weeks of winter for me!  I like the lovely snow, but I just getting old enough not to be too excited about working outside in these winter temperatures.  It's not much fun doing the barn chores in the cold at 7AM each morning.  But I have learned that the early morning silence makes for a good time to pray.  Soon I'll be basking (i.e. sweating) in sunny equatorial Tanzania.  When I come back, it will be practically spring!  Hurrah!

The next blog post, on February 1st, will find me winging my way to JFK in New York, then flying across the Atlantic by Turkish Air to Constantinople, Turkey, and on to Dar Es Salaam.  By the way, can you say the title to this blog post 3x real fast?  Well, neither could I!)  Until next time....

May the peace of Christ be with you,
Brother Nathan

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