Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nyakato Report #2

Dear friends,

My time here in Tanzania is coming to a close.  Soon I will be leaving my African friends and the warm red African soil for my family in the hills of Kentucky.  The material has been taught and the classes have been successfully completed.  There has been approximately 35 men and women who have studied hard and learned much that will enable them to serve their churches well.  Teaching here in Africa has been a learning experience for myself also.  I am constantly challenging myself to see that education is a two-way street.  What do the Christians here have to teach me?  Every day the students came 30 minutes early to enthusiastically sing and clap their praises to the Lord.  Then, there is a great symphony of voices being lifted up to Heaven in loud fervent prayers.  It's a great way to start the day!  Last Friday the students went downtown to the Anglican Cathedral for an all night prayer meeting.  They have been pleading for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the people here and bring true revival to the churches of Africa.

There are problems in the churches here.  Satan is at work trying to ruin the work of God through disunity, rebellion, jealousy, and gossip.  Some people mix traditional animistic religious practices with Christianity under the false idea that it's just part of their "culture".  These are some of the reasons why it is so important to teach the correct doctrines, practices, and beliefs of the Historical Christian Faith.  We seek to teach God's Truths that will enable these church leaders to lead the church Forward in Africa.

I had a good visit with Bishop Kwangu last week.  He has a tremendous burden on his shoulders to reform the churches and leaders of his diocese.  He is a man on fire with a vision to see God work in his churches with the power of the Holy Ghost for revival.  His message is that we don't need to complain about the economy, corruption, the government, or church problems.  Instead, we are to be dedicated people who are willing to pay the price in prayer as intercessors for the church.  He has had many sessions at his church teaching his people about prayer.  Every Friday night they have an overnight prayer meeting, pleading for God to send revival.  Last week the Holy Ghost fell on them in a mighty way.  The people were singing, shouting,   and dancing before the Lord with great joy.  When someone complained, "That's not right.  We Anglicans shouldn't be so Pentacostal".  The Bishop's response was, "We need the Pentacost of the Holy Ghost to fill the people of God if we are to overcome the problems in our churches and have revival in our land"!

Bishop Kwangu has been receiving great inspiration from the Biblical story of how Jonathan and his armor bearer went up a hill in great faith to fight the Philistines alone.  Against great odds, the power of God was with them to defeat their enemies in battle.  He said,  "God does not need a great army of men to defeat Satan; He is looking for even just ONE person who will stand up and challenge the enemy with great prayers of faith.  Who is willing to pay the price of intercession?  Who will stand up and say, "Here am I Lord, use me"?  Let us truly believe with all our heart that God can and will use our prayers to defeat the enemy and bring revival to our land!"

I am encouraged by what I see God doing in my brother here.  It is so refreshing to see his excitement about the vision he has for the churches of the Diocese of Lake Victoria.  It was fun watching him preach to the students on the first day of class -- even I was edified, despite not being able to understand the words!  Let us support him with our prayers as well.  There is no geographical boundary in the spiritual realm.

This weekend I am visiting with Bishop Jackton Lugumila, who lives in the Kagera Region of northwest Tanzania.  This is a visit to explore possibilities of working with him in bringing ministry classes to his diocese as well.  We shall see how the Lord directs us. I will be staying in Geita for one night on my way back to Mwanza.  I should arrive back in town on Wednesday, and fly out on Thursday.  I will keep you posted as I am able.

May the peace of Christ be with you,
Brother Nathan

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