Sunday, March 11, 2012

Safe Arrival Home

Dear Friends,

This has been an interesting week for me -- starting in Muleba, on the western shore of Lake Victoria, and ending with my safe arrival home on Saturday.  This past Sunday I was able to preach and share in a special confirmation service with Bishop Lugamila at a rural church about 35km from town.  I will be sharing more about this event (and other interesting stories) in articles to come.  It was a beneficial trip, establishing relationships that will bear fruit in the years to come.

On Monday I was able to meet with 23 Bible school students there in Muleba, to learn what they are studying and to explore ways in which I may be able to help them in the future.  I was also able to become acquainted with the teachers and other church leaders of the diocese.  Tuesday, I traveled by bus back to Geita to have an evening with my friends.  After a final meeting with church leaders at the Geita Anglican Church on Wednesday morning, I made my way back to Mwanza and Nyakato Bible School. 

Thursday turned out to be more exciting than I really wanted it to be.  The driver taking me to the airport was late, causing me to miss my flight by five minutes literally.  It was frustrating to be sitting there looking at my plane and not being allowed to board it.  I must say that God really worked everything out well for me – I think He was just testing me to see if I would live by what I had been preaching!  The airline company allowed me to take the next flight out (at 10:30pm instead of 2pm) without any charge; and Bishop Kwangu’s family put forth extra effort to comfort me with a big supper at their home while we were waiting.  Also, Pastor Damson stayed with me the whole day just in case I needed his assistance with communications.  I really appreciated their kindness and hospitality.

Actual travel time in the air on this return trip was about 23 hours.  I left Dar E Salam at 4am on Friday morning, flew to Istanbul, Turkey, waited 7 hours there, traveled on to New York, and landed around 10pm Friday night local time.  But, considering the fact that we flew west, chasing the sunset, traveling through 8 time zones – I think it was literally the longest day of my life!  I sat in the airport until 6am Saturday morning, (which gave me plenty of time to write most of this report).  I was extremely glad to see Julie waiting to pick me up at the Louisville airport.  I am blessed to have had her support throughout this mission trip.

After I recover, I will be continuing my communication with you concerning different details of this trip.  I am humbled by the trust that has been given me to teach and preach to our Christian brothers and sisters in Tanzania.  Many of them expressed their desire for me to greet all of the churches, friends, and family here in America that sent me to them.  They give you their sincere thanks for what has been done.  The benefits will continue to have a ripple effect as the evangelists return to their home churches to teach and put into practice what they have learned.  “Mungu na mwama” -- God is good!

May the peace of Christ be with you,
Br. Nathan

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