Saturday, September 1, 2012

School Plans and September Prayers

Late one evening during the third week of August I received a phone call from Bishop Kwangu in Mwanza, Tanzania.  I know we live in the age of technology, but I still find it intriguing to be able to casually pick up the phone and talk with someone in a different continent.  It was good to hear his voice and to be able to connect with him again.  He spoke with me of plans for both the new Bible School and of evangelism outreach for their diocese.

A “Secondary School” (similar to our high school level) will be starting in January, 2013 at the Nyakato Bible School grounds.  They expect to start this four year school with 50 students, and then to add 50 students each year until a maximum of 200 students are attending.  There will be ministry education classes taking place also, and some of the ministry students will be attending some of the secondary school classes as well.  Some “Bible classes” will be offered to the secondary school students too.  So, it sounds like Rev. Damson will have his hands full running two types of schools with some overlap in the students and curriculum.

The Diocese of Lake Victoria Nyanza will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this month with many outreach programs around the area.  For the whole month of September there will be an emphasis on personal evangelism and many churches will be increasing their witness of Christ to their neighborhoods.  Bishop Kwangu especially mentioned two programs that are planned:  an evangelism crusade in Sengarama from the 1st – 9th, and a citywide crusade in Mwanza from the 16th – 23rd.  The meetings in Mwanza will be held in the soccer stadium, and on the last evening, all the churches of Mwanza (all denominations) and their leaders plan to come together in unity to pray for their city and to preach the Gospel to all who will hear it.  This is a unique plan and opportunity to see God work in a marvelous way for the people of that region.

Bishop Kwangu asked that I spread the word about these plans and that we be in unison with them in prayer during these dates.  It is encouraging to hear how the African people are taking the leadership role in reaching their own people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  It brings home to me the importance of what we are trying to do in assisting with ministry education for their church leaders.  It makes plans like these all the more effective when the leaders have had some training to supplement their zeal for winning people to Christ.

So, mark the dates where you can see them easily, and let us pray together in unity with our African brothers and sisters.  The Lord is merciful and will hear the prayers of those who have compassion for others.

May the peace of Christ be with you,

Bro. Nathan

Bp. Kwangu encouraging some church leaders

To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ

In the cathedral downtown

and in little country churches,

Along the streets of Mwanza

and in little country towns.

Church evangelists will be witnesses

for Christ in the marketplaces 

and with their neighbors

until many people have recieved

the Light of Christ, our Solid Rock.

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