Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Forward Along the King's Highway

There is a growing sense of excitement within our family as we look forward to this new year ahead.  For us, the initial thought of "I wonder if this could be possible", is slowly giving way to "It really seems to be happening"!  Rather than rewrite the overall vision for this new year, I'm going to reference you back to the August, 2012 article in which I wrote abut our change in focus for this ministry.  Please take time to reread that post when you are able.

Progress is being made slowly but surely.  My wife and four younger children that would be traveling with me now have their passports in hand.  I have been gathering up good reference books to be used during the development of the courses for the new Bible School.  Arrangements have been made for our family to live in a house next door to Rev. Damson and his family on the Nyakato Bible School compound.  I have been researching various health concerns (such as how to deal with malaria), and have purchased a high quality Berkey water filter to take with us.  We will do our best to live on the level with the African people, but I do have to take precautions for us to remain healthy while we are there.

The most exciting event in our preparations so far has been our reception of an important book in Swahili,  The King's Highway by George D. Carleton, which is a catechesis book written in the 1920's for the people of South Africa.  I have this book in English and very much enjoyed this simple, well written account of basic Christian beliefs, doctrine, and duty.  I noticed that it had been published in Swahili in 1952, so I began to search for a copy.  After several months, one was located in the British National Library, but in order to receive a photocopy of the book, I had to receive permission from the original publishers.  Praise be to God, I was able to locate them and they willingly gave their consent once they understood our purpose for wanting it.  Countless emails were sent and received in my efforts to locate and obtain a copy of this book.  Once we did finally receive a photocopy, I had a friend scan it onto a CD so that we will be able to make copies of it for our classes.  This material will be a tremendous aid to us in the development of the Bible School curriculum.  From start to finish, it took about nine months for this project to be completed and I am grateful for the kind assistance of the good folks at the British Library and the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

At this time our plans are to travel to Tanzania in May, 2013 and to stay approximately six months.  It takes a great deal of detailed planning for us to be able to leave the country for this length of time.  But, as we continue to do our part, God is faithful to provide, and we are grateful to have this opportunity for our family to travel to Africa and to participate in ministry together.

May the peace of Christ be with you,
Brother Nathan 

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Anonymous said...

Go with God, all of you. I will support you in daily prayer. I look forward to your reports.

fr francis wardega