Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Colors of Africa

                              The Colors of Africa
                              When you walk through the city
                              Do you focus on the trash along the streets
                         Or do you lift your eyes and heart 
                         To see the moments of color around you
                              A piece of cloth and a sleeping boy
                              Climbing flowers on a fence
                         A neighbor's door and a strutting rooster
                         Weathered bricks in a church
                              A roadside stand and a passing bus
                              Even the dinner on our plate
                         But the best color of all is found in the smiles
                         Lighting up the faces of the children around us
                              Showing us the beauty of our Creator
                              Revealing to us the color of joy

               Some folks see the colors of Africa 
                    that show us poverty and problems.
               I prefer to see the colors of Africa
                    that show us Beauty and Joy.

May the peace of Christ be with you,
Brother Nathan

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictoral essay. I noticed your deacon stole. Nice gentle statement. Blessing to you and family and thanks for your service.

fr francis wardega