Friday, January 1, 2016

Home -- Again

It’s been an exciting month for us:  returning from our year of service in Tanzania, setting up our home again, celebrating the wedding of our oldest daughter, participating in the Christmas season, and preparing for a new year.  Excitement can be good, but it can also be tiring.  We are looking forward to having a “normal” life again, but it seems that is slow in coming.  Of course it is understandable that with the types of activities that have been going on this month that normal life would be delayed for awhile. 

The biggest event for us was the wedding of our daughter Anna and her new husband Bryan.  She is the first of our children to be married, so this was a new experience for us.  The ceremony was beautiful and brought glory and honor to the name of the Lord.  After a big potluck dinner, everyone enjoyed contra-dancing together:  traditional Old English and Appalachian group dances coordinated by a “caller” in time with old-time folk music.   A community spirit and atmosphere of joy was present throughout this wonderful evening.  Before and after the wedding we were involved in hosting and meeting family members from all over the country, from both sides of the two families.

We have had many mixed emotions concerning our return home:  the excitement of being reunited with family and old friends, while also missing our African friends.  We have decided that our place in this world is with our family, church, and community here in rural Kentucky.  But, we do not yet know what this means for the future of “Forward in Africa”.  Our decision about our personal life does not necessarily mean that we walk away from what has been done and close that door permanently.  We cannot ignore the relationships that have been formed; neither can we ignore the needs that are present in East Africa.  What we need to do is to sit down with our spiritual leaders and prayerfully discuss what the next step should be.  “In the multitude of counselors, there is wisdom.”

We ask for your prayers as we seek to know the mind of the Lord in this matter.  We do not want to be in a hurry, but to take the time to let Him reveal the right way forward.

May the peace of Christ be with you,
Brother Nathan

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